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Monday, September 23, 2019
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Youth at AMUMC

  Youth Groups and Confirmation Classes at AMUMC


AMUMC is committed to helping youth experience the love of Christ and learning how to share that love with the world. Our Youth Groups provide a way for young people to develop their faith in God and build relationships with other Christian youth and adults.
Youth are welcome to participate in an upcoming Confirmation  The curriculum we use, Credo, enables us to build community within our Youth Group. It accomplishes this by offering a variety of activities that put individual students into many different small groups. It offers a variety of ways of learning. It also teaches us about being in covenant with one another. If you are a student, or as a parent, have a student who will be in the 7th grade or older, I invite you to consider becoming part of the next confirmation class.
I look forward to beginning this incredible journey with our next class! Please feel free to contact me soon for more details on the upcoming class.  I welcome the opportunity to meet parents and youth!
                                                                                                                             Blessings, Pastor Lynn


  There is always something going on for youth at AMUMC.  Between mission trips,   fundraisers, meetings and get-togethers, all youth can find an activity to join in and make new friends.

 Young adults from AMUMC recently went to Brooklyn, NY with the organization "Youthworks!" Work varied day-by-day as we served children's programs, soup kitchens, thrift stores, homeless shelters and elderly centers.

We welcome new members! If you and your parents would like more information on the Youth Group and their activities, please contact  Youth Group coordinator Nancy Gillardi at gillardi4@cox.net.